South America : Antonio Lysy (CD)


South America

Antonio Lysy

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Producer’s Notes


Executive Producers: Carlos & Haydee Mollura

South America pays tribute to the historic and contemporary ingenuity of musicians and composers from South America.  We celebrate the sundrenched and often intoxicating music from this continent, pay homage to Astor Piazzolla, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Carlos Gardel, Antonio’s father the violinist Alberto Lysy, and new work by the Argentine bandoneon master Coco Trivisonno.

In South America, Antonio and Yarlung break new ground once again, using SonoruS Holographic Imaging technology to enable Antonio to play every part in a cello orchestra. To learn more about how SHI works, please visit

This recording also enabled Antonio to introduce us to talented and generous harpist Marcia Dickstein Vogler and flutist Anastasia Petanova, for the performances of Villa Lobos’ Black Swan for harp and cello which opens this album, as well as Jet Whistle for flute and cello.  We also had the privilege of working with Coco Trivisonno, one of the last living members of Piazzolla’s intrepid ensemble, one of the titans who transformed Argentine music.  As standard in Yarlung albums, Antonio’s performances with Marcia, Anastasia and Coco are all single takes.

The Kodály Duo and Antonio’s father Alberto Lysy

Along with pianist Martha Argerich, Antonio’s father the violinist Alberto Lysy remains one of South America’s most celebrated classical concert musicians.  Alberto had the privilege of learning this work with the composer in advance of a performance with Gaspar Cassadó in 1958.  Later, Antonio and Alberto became major performers of the work.

Yarlung Records has been fortunate to record and give live concerts in Cammilleri Hall at USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute, thanks to generous support from Antonio and Hanna Damasio. Warmest thanks go to Carlos and Haydee Mollura and to Antonio, Anastasia, Marcia and Coco, who bring the glories of South America to us anytime we want to play this album.

–Bob Attiyeh, producer




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