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Scriabin’s fiery fifth sonata showcases Orion’s dynamism and delicacy as well as his ability to produce a breathtakingly broad range of warm, mid-keyboard colors contained within this impressionistic piece that ends as furiously (and explosively) as it begins.

…the recording compellingly communicates every deft keyboard stroke of a young virtuoso…

…if your system can handle the piano’s prodigious low frequency energy and intense dynamics, you will be presented with a realistic rendering of a piano in all of its sonic and physical glory….
Michael FremerStereophile

“Weiss’ phrases had more happening in them than other pianists do in an entire piece.  He showed color and sensitivity, clarity and evenness of technique, and a dynamic level that was more the range found on a fortepiano.”
Geraldine Freedman, The Daily Gazette

Orion Weiss combines exacting perfectionism with genuine affability and Midwestern charm. Orion offers high voltage electricity as a performer, linked with intellectual and musical maturity as a poet at the keyboard. In his writing Michael Fremer compares Orion Weiss to Gustavo Dudamel. Indeed we are fortunate; this appears to be the beginning of another musical golden era, in which young and extremely talented musicians enrich our enjoyment of the nuances in concert music by bringing fresh vitality to seasoned masterpieces and new compositions alike.
Bob Attiyeh, producer



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