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Frédéric Rosselet – Modern and Baroque Cello (CD)


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Frédéric Rosselet plays subtly and athletically.  He is not a showy performer, but his technical prowess rivals the great virtuosi.  He uses this skill tastefully and reservedly.

Frédéric’s modern ‘cello, which he plays in the pieces by Berio,Ligeti and Dutilleux, used to belong to his grandfather and was made about 130 years ago by a student of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume.  For our two Bach ‘cello suites, our friend Brenda Miralles suggested several instruments, configured as they would have been played in the Baroque era, without a peg, a lighter sound post on the interior of the instrument, gut strings and a Baroque bow.  Frédéric chose a glorious instrument made by Carlos Moreno in Madrid in 2004, copied from a 1725 Grancino.

Frederic follows Elinor Frey and Antonio Lysy with two more works in the “eSACHERe” cycle commissioned by Rostropovich in honor of Paul Sacher’s 70th birthday.  Our recording opens with Berio’s haunting Les mots sont allés…. and concludes with Dutilleux’ Trois Strophes sur le nom de Sacher.
–Bob Attiyeh, producer



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