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“…The surprise for the evening was David Fung. From the very first moment, he demonstrated a marvelous temperament. Fung told an interesting and fascinating story throughout all three movements, which was full of colors and nuances…He was a hit!”
Ora Binur, MAARIV Israel Philharmonic,
Mozart Concerto No. 25 in C Major

“He did not only dazzle the crowd with his virtuosity … but did not fail to move the audience with his excitement, and lyrical warmth.”
Ursula AugustinKreis Cochem-Zell, Koblenz, Germany

The eighteenth-century…was an age of conversation. And music, modeled on this principal pastime, was a medium for wit, sentiment, and rhetorical flourish. Mozart’s Fantasy and Scarlatti’s sonatas, which bracket this recital by David Fung, remind us why the keyboard was considered such an ideal vehicle for a composer’s flights of fancy.

…Like Schumann and Scarlatti, Chopin, Mozart, and Rachmaninov before him, Tan Dun was learning to master the secret of the miniature – a compositional form he has likened both to zen calligraphy and to the watercolor: “capturing essences with the minimum of gesture.” This is a fitting epigraph for this collection of short pieces, jewels of the composer’s craft and worthy tests of a performer’s taste and skill.
Christopher Hailey,
Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey

It is always rewarding to work with an artist like David, whose musical interpretations are rich and fresh without being eccentric, and always completely sincere.
Bob Attiyeh, producer



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