Ciaramella Dances On Movable Ground (CD)

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Ciaramella Ensemble ventures “toward modern times” with intoxicating dance melodies from musicians who lived from the 1500s into the Baroque era, and includes new compositions by Adam Gilbert as well.  Ground bass patterns underlie all of this music; sometimes one can hear it clearly and sometimes the ground bass line is veiled within the polyphony.  Ciaramella artistic directors Adam and Rotem Gilbert lead the ensemble, which includes music on theorboBaroque guitarviola da gamba, drums and percussion, harpsichord, wind instruments (including recorders, Renaissance brass, shawms), and hurdy gurdy.

“…Ciaramella plays this music with conviction and expressiveness and makes it accessible for contemporary audiences. One certainly can’t ask for more.

“…Ciaramella makes it fun. They bring a sense of history to the works they play, but their concerts aren’t dry academic exercises. They bring the music of the renaissance to life. A concert by Ciaramella is a delightful and entertaining excursion to a bygone era.

“And the… members of the group obviously enjoy what they’re doing. For them this music is as much alive today as it was in Richard III’s time – and that attitude and approach are what set them apart from many other early music ensembles.”
Edward Reichel

“From the nobility of Europe, to the petit bourgeoisie reading Thonoit’s Arbeau’s Orchesographie, to the already pregnant bride in Brueghel’s The Peasant Wedding, everybody danced their way through the rituals of life…. Their music, like their dance, reflected a delicate balance between the restraints of culture and convention, and ingenious flourishes of improvisation….”
Adam Gilbert


1 review for Ciaramella Dances On Movable Ground (CD)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard Davis

    How is it possible that no one (until now) has reviewed this title?
    I have to thank Stereophile for reviewing it and bringing it to my attention. Based on the review, I couldn’t resist buying the vinyl, and it was so brilliant, I wound up buying the download (more songs!!). I went on to buy the CD of Music from the Court of Burgundy… and then the High-def download of that as well.

    Both are wonderfully recorded and produced (well done Bob), and the musicianship is outstanding.

    Thanks to this introduction to their music, I went on to see Ciaramella perform last month. One of the most outstanding performances I’ve seen in a very long time. Their performance is stirring and mesmerizing. There is a wonderful interplay between the (outrageously talented!!!) members of the ensemble that is truly a wonder, but the playing of Adam and Rotem Gilbert is nothing short of phenomenal. It was completely spellbinding. Glorious all.
    So, a big thank you to Bob Attiyeh and Yarlung for turning me on to such amazing music.

    • Bob Attiyeh

      Thank you Richard! Ciaramella Ensemble is indeed one of the finest Renaissance ensembles in the world. Adam and Rotem Gilbert earned the prestigious Thomas Binkley Award under the auspices of Early Music America.

      Ciaramella’s live performances are indeed every bit as fine as their recordings and vice versa. As is often the case with Yarlung, Ciarmella Dances is live to tape, ie no editing within movements. Each track on this album is a complete take. I’m glad you enjoy this music so much, Richard. Thanks! –Bob Attiyeh

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