Music from Argentina – Latin Grammy®Award

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Antonio Lysy

Antonio Lysy

The Absolute Sound recognized

Music from Argentina among the 40 Best Recordings of All Time

…Cellist Antonio Lysy and pianist Bryan Pezzone play gorgeously and are gorgeously recorded, the sound immaculately clear and immediate, rich in tonal splendor, and revealing of the venue (Santa Monica’s The Broad Stage). The deeply resonant cello pizzicatos at the end of Schifrin’s Pampas ring off into air-filled space like starlight into infinity.

— Mark Lehman, The Absolute Sound, 2013

Bravo Antonio and Capitol Ensemble! Your recording joins the TAS “Top 40” along with Kind of Blue, Somethin’ Else, Ella and Louis, Rickie Lee Jones, Famous Blue Raincoat, and Only the Lonely. You have given us an incredible gift.

Latin GrammyLatin Grammy®Award

Antonio Lysy & Bob Attiyeh

Antonio Lysy & Bob Attiyeh after winning
the 2010 Latin GRAMMY

Yarlung Records congratulates Lalo Schifrin and Antonio Lysy on their GRAMMY for Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina.


–Bob Attiyeh, producer