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Analog Tape

Analog tape has always been my favorite medium.  So when Greg Beron of United Home Audio and Jim Hannon and Jonathan Valin from The Absolute Sound encouraged and cajoled Yarlung Records to make our analog tape available, I was delighted.  Yarlung Records supports the Renaissance in listening to audiophile tape started by the valiant Tape Project.  We continue in their footsteps and offer 1/4 inch tape recorded at 15 inches per second using the CCIR/IEC curve.

“Your tapes are, IMO, the best of a surprisingly large lot of brand-new R2Rs, both in sound and musicianship. You, your artists, and your mastering team are to be commended on superlative work….” 
--from a letter from Jonathan Valin

We make tapes individually for each order, so please allow a few weeks for delivery. Each 1/4 inch album costs $200, and contains one reel of tape. Take advantage of a $100 discount if you order all four tapes in each Quartet, using the "Buy all four albums" button.  Your discount will calculate automatically on the checkout page.  

You can also special order recordings on 1/2 inch tape for $300 per reel by contacting us.

We continue with the Third Quartet of SonoruS Series albums, graciously underwritten by SonoruS Audio.

Sophisticated Lady I
Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
Volume I

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
Volume II

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
Simpler Times Volume I

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet
Simpler Times Volume II

Smoke & Mirrors

Frederic Rosselet

Antonio Lysy
Te Amo, Argentina


If You Love For Beauty
Sasha Cooke
The Colburn Orchestra

The Coming of Light
Robert Vijay Gupta & Badal Roy

Petteri Iivonen
Art of the Sonata

Smoke & Mirrors

Janaki String Trio

Elinor Frey & David Fung
Dialogues for 'cello and piano

The Art of the Violin
Petteri Iivonen

Antonio Lysy at The Broad
Music from Argentina

While I like analog tape the best, working with tape is not easy.  Tape can be fragile; it can get flaky; it can get sticky.  My favorite tape was made in The Netherlands and wasoriginally known as Agfa 468.  This is a high bias tape with open, transparent sound.  Even though Agfa is no longer in business, other companies have made this tape using the same 468 formula.  Please contact Tim Davis at Recording Data Service for more information.

Trickier even than finding the right tape, is playing it back on properly designed equipment. Record circuitry is relatively uncomplicated.  Playback circuitry, on the other hand, is considerably more sensitive and requires precise and very quiet electronics for music to sound correct. Len Horowitz designed custom tube record circuitry for our studio tape machines that we use to make our original recordings. This equipment sounds good! But it is the size of a kitchen stove or washing machine and uses cooling fans which can be noisy.  It is not easy to transport.  It does not fit in most audiophile listening environments; you would want a separate room for the analog tape equipment. 

Fortunately, people like Arian Jansen make superb analog tape playback equipment that sounds wonderful and fits beautifully in your listening room. Arian recently introduced his ATR10 with all custom tube output stage electronics and a honed Studer/Revox transport. Available by special order. We are grateful to Arian for creating such fine analog equipment, and for generously underwriting our first analog tapes. I use the ATR10 when I make your tapes.  It is indeed a superb playback machine.

- Bob Attiyeh, producer

SonoruS ATR10

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